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Improving Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency that Matters

Sometimes the simplest solutions have the greatest impact to help you focus on energy. This is true when it comes to improving your energy efficiency in your home or your business. You’ll see your costs reduce quickly with these simple ideas that Sparky’s Electric LLC would be happy to help you implement within your home or business, including:

  • LED Lights. These lights will make your home or business more energy efficient. It can be as simple as changing your light bulbs to LED light bulbs that can be found at home improvement and hardware stores.
  • Installing a Programmable Thermostat. These thermostats can range from controlling heating and cooling system when your not around to very complex, sophisticated thermostats that can plug in to your computer and control hundreds of different events in different zones of your home or business.
  • Purchasing and Installing “Smart Home” Products in your house. It can be as simple as turning on a light or outlet at a particular time to as sophisticated as automatically unlocking the door, turning up the AC, turning on the radio, turning on all the lights in the kitchen and 50% in the garage. The possibilities are endless.

Energy Generation that is A Game Changer

Home ­based energy generation technology has never been better, investing in generating your own power means you may no longer have to pay electric bills. Check out these systems for your home:

  • Investing in Solar power Units for your Home. From solar panels on the roof to shingles with photo ­cells built in, you could be getting a check from the utility company instead of a bill. Seem like a dream? Look at these other Michigan homes who are doing it! We are happy to help connect you with a vendor and help you install this for your home.
  • Investing in On­Site Wind Power. No, we’re not talking about the giant turbines, you can buy a small wind turbine, 4′ in diameter, that is available for the “average” residential customer. We are happy to help connect you with a vendor and help you install one for your home.